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 Atonement Project of the AWF>Memoirs of the persons who have engaged themselves with the AWF

 The persons who supported implementation of the projects in Japan/ abroad

President of the Project Implementation Committee in the Netherlands
Born at Suravaya in 1941, she spent several years in detention camps under the Japanese occupation. After the war she returned to the Netherlands and finished University of Leiden. As a housewife, she joined the Foundation Japanese Honorary Debts (JES) in 1994 to become a board member. In 1996 She joined the Project Implementation Committee, first Vice President, later President.

When my father died in 1994 as I told you, I found the diaries. My father and mother both were very angry at Japan that there never has been sufficient compensation, nor excuses, apologies and so on. So this was something that my father and mother were very angry about. And when my father died, I said to myself "Now I will try to do something." so I became a member of JES, a board member in September 1994, I think. I stayed being a board member of JES until I started the PICN afterwards I think it was good that I joined JES, because otherwise I never could have done anything for the comfort women. I am very glad that I did this work and that I knew now Japanese peopleEbr> I was very happy to do this for the victims and for the Asian Women's Fund because I got a feeling I've done something also for my parents and this was the first reason that I went to JES, for my parents. And to do something for some victims was the reason why I joined JES and finally I joined the PICN. I'm very glad I did it because it was a sort of relief for me too. It was a sort of healing process for me, for my feeling, my personal feelings. And I can say I don't hate Japanese anymore. That is a good feeling for me. Yes. It is the one of the thousands of stories of the victims. In the documentary you'll see more stories.
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